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Animal Slaughter Festival In Nepal

Monday, March 29, 2010 , Posted by LetzWave at 1:54 PM Animal Slaughter Festival In NepalSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

November 24, about one million people gathered in a small village in Bariyapur, Nepal, they witness a large-scale sacrifice ceremony, tens of thousands of animals will be slaughtered, the festival was widely criticized. Followers travel long distances to attend this traditional Gadhimai festival, some of the devotees who come from neighboring India. Gadhimai Festivals worship Goddess symbol of power, it hold in southern Nepal every five years.
It is the world's largest animal slaughter festival, in the past each time, hundreds of thousands of cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens and other animals were killed in two days, this year the number is as high as 300,000. Then the crowd flock to the ground near the temple Gadhimai, there are 250 butchers waiting for the ceremony. Followers take approximate 20000 buffalo, then the animal was slaughtered.
Animal organization alleging such cruel activities ceremony is unnecessary, but the Government of Nepal refuses to prohibit this religious tradition which has already lasted for several centuries.

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