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Bollywood beauties real names

Saturday, April 10, 2010 , Posted by LetzWave at 11:47 AM Bollywood beauties real namesSocialTwist Tell-a-Friend

Not all were born with perfect showbiz names, some were too long, few sounded similar to others and few were too ethnic. Our Bollywood hotties meet for all those showbiz masala by choosing a different stage name for themselves. They dumped their real names and jumped into the name-change bandwagon. Let's name a few...

Nisha and Amoha : By reverting to her original name, Priyanka Kothari is all set to earn the name and fame in Bollywood. The girl who was Nisha Kothari earlier was also called Amoha at one point of time. With so many changes in her credentials let's see if it brings any luck to the hottie.
Mona Chopra : Sherlyn really needed a name that stands out and also sounds unique. For someone so much in the spotlight a common name like 'Mona' really won't do. Also to put forth an outrageous image, an outrageous name is a must. Isn't it?

Reema Lamba : We know that Reema Lamba did all on her own but part of her success can also be attributed to her changed rich and royal name 'Mallika Sherawat'. Now with many Reemas in the industry the empress thought she must sound unique.

Katrina Turquois : A rose will still smell the same even it's name is changed. Katrina changed her surname Turquoise to Kaif and is called Katrina Kaif now. It wasn't required Kat. We never mind you hooking to your roots provided you will be perfect Kat of Bollywood forever.

Neeru Sawant : Did you know Rakhi Sawant has dropped her birth name 'Neeru Sawant'? But Rakhi we think if you didn't change your name and stick with Neeru you would not have lost much. With all the dramas and reality shows in your kitty you would have still managed to create all that hype and hoopla.

Ashwini Shetty : Do you know Shilpa Shetty's top secret that was hidden until now. The lass's real name is Ashwini which she changed due to astrological reasons. Well what do you prefer to call the beauty?

Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi : Do you think Madhubala would have become an icon if we knew her as Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi. The striking actress changed her name for future films. No matter what, she will always be remembered for her beauty as well as for her brilliant performance.
Ritu Chaudhary : Ritu Chaudhary hardly found any luck after rechristening her name to Mahima Chaudhary. Good and bad has nothing to do with name Mahima! And you must have realized it by now.

Bhanurekha : Glamour queen is smart enough to change 'Bhanurekha', a name too hard to pronounce, spell and remember to 'Rekha'. Your stage name really compliments your performing persona.

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